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Sea Salad

I add this sea salad to cooked vegetables and it is absolutely delicious.


This amazake is absolutely delicious. I think I like it best as a tea, but it's hard to resist just eating it straight off the spoon. I haven't tried the other amazakes yet, but I/m sure they'll be just as good. The only downside perhaps is the five day use within period, as I don't think I could get through a whole jar in five days just making tea with it. But smaller jars would seem a bit of a waste of packaging resources, so I can see why Clearspring have opted for the current size. Ah well, I'll just have to resign myself to eating lots of it. Which may not be such a hardship...

Love it and its fermented and sugar free

Simple ingredients and great sweeet taste.Healthy and organic.What is not to like? I eat it straight from the glass jar and love it.

Could do with more ginger

Can't feel ginger. Overall is a nice tea.

Delicious & a time-saver

This is a lovely stock that adds flavour & depth to my soups & bean casseroles. It's a great store cupboard staple when you don't have time to make stock from scratch.